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Emma + Michael: A December Wedding at Aurora Colony Vineyards

December 23, 2023

Amidst the cold and fog of this dry December day, love blossomed at Aurora Colony Vineyards. We had been anxiously awaiting this wintery wedding with Emma and Michael for almost a year! I had the privilege of being part of this gorgeous day and it was nothing short of magical. And that’s the only word I can think of to describe it – MAGICAL! This bride, who became an amazing friend of mine throughout the planning season, and her groom, both ardent Packer fans, created a day that was nothing short of enchanting.

Emma is nothing if not thorough and detail attentive. Nothing went by that wasn’t touched by her thoughtfulness, preparedness, and love. From her sentimental charms on her bouquet from passed loved ones to individual gift bags for not only her bridesmaids, but even her vendors! She even wrapped the stems of her bouquet in her late grandpa’s shirt so it was like he was with her the whole day! *Cue tears *

Aurora Colony Vineyards

Aurora Colony Vineyards, known for its picturesque landscapes and charming rustic atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for this winter wedding. The vineyard’s bare vines and frost-kissed grounds painted a breathtaking picture. It set the stage for a celebration filled with warmth, love, and a touch of chilly elegance. I also loved that the sun came out for us during the best parts of the day as well!

Being die-hard Packer fans, the couple made sure to incorporate their love for the team throughout the wedding. From subtle green and gold accents in the decor and girls plaid getting ready shirts to the Packer socks the guys wore. Even the officiant was showing off his Packer socks during the cermeony! Every detail spoke volumes about the couple’s passion for their favorite team.

Favorite Moments

The reception hall, decorated with candles and greenery, transformed into a cozy haven for guests seeking refuge from the winter chill. Tables were adorned with elegant centerpieces featuring pinecones and evergreens. One of my favorite parts of this reception (there were many) was Emma and Michael’s choreographed first dance as they made their entrance! I thought it was the neatest thing to have such a special first dance! I remember Emma telling me how special those nights were to have dance lessons throughout their engagement. It allowed them time to step away from everything else and just be together. How sweet is that?!

One of my other favorite moments was the surprise the Mike had in store for Emma during the open dancing part of the night. He had planned out for a flash mob of sorts to join together during one of the Backstreet Boys songs, Emma’s favorite of course! Emma’s face was priceless as he led the group just before the chorus and danced his way over to her while the rest of the group fell in step together to the classic moves from “Everybody”. It was AWESOME!

Nothing But Happiness

As the night unfolded, it became clear that the cold and foggy weather only added to the enchantment of this December wedding at Aurora Colony Vineyards. With love in the air, warmth in every detail, and the spirit of the Packers cheering them on, this couple began their marriage journey, creating memories as magical as the winter day that brought them together. This day was so epic and not only did I get to walk away from this with some amazing memories and moments captured for them. But I was blessed to walk away with a new best friend! SOOO much love to you both!

The amazing vendor team!

Venue: Aurora Colony Vineyards https://acvwine.com/

Photographer: Me! Joni Loraine Photography http://joniloraine.me

Coordination: Don’t Mess With the Bride http://www.dontmesswiththebride.com/

Dress: Charlotte Weddings http://www.charlottesweddings.com

Hair and Makeup: Powder Inc Beauty https://www.powderincbeauty.com/

Florist: The Faux Bouquets https://thefauxbouquets.com/

Videographer: Sound Originals https://soundoriginals.com/

Desserts: Lux Sucre https://www.luxsucre.com/

Rentals: Interstate Special Events https://isevents.com/

First Dance Lessons/Choreography: PNW Wedding Dance https://pnwweddingdance.com/

DJ: PDX DJs https://www.thepdxdjs.com/

Bartender: Eleventh Hour Libations https://www.eleventhhourlibations.com/

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