Why you should love your photographer...

On your wedding day you will be spending about 85-90% of your entire day with your photographer by your side. They will be guiding you through every step of the day! You want someone there you trust, who is organized, and who you can have fun with!

When you love your photographer and get along with them really well you can let your guard down around them. You can crack silly jokes and laugh and have fun! In doing so, you end up with not only amazing and genuine photos, but you'll have an even better experience!

When you've taken the time to get to know the person photographing you, they will know and understand your specific needs and wants. They will know the best way to capture you and bring out your best smiles, laughs, and natural emotions. Plus who doesn't love making new friends?!

Lauren + Jacob: A Wedding in Seabeck, Washington

August 21, 2020

Weddings in this season look a little different. This beautiful wedding in Seabeck, Washington was a Plan B wedding. Larger receptions and guests lists are being replaced (temporarily) with smaller and more intimate ceremonies. Though these restrictions are not something any bride or groom want or should have to go through when planning the most special day of their lives, Lauren and Jacob handled this exact situation with so much grace and love! What better way to have an intimate ceremony than a place that is very sentimental to them?

A Sentimental Venue

The drive up to Seabeck, Washington was almost 4 hours for me and little did I know what amazingness was waiting when I arrived. This place is not actually a wedding venue. This is a camp that Lauren’s family had been going to for 60 years! They are the activities directors there when they go up and vacation every year. They are in charge of all things games and fun! Lauren will even lead songs around the large fire pit! How cute is that?!

Lauren and Jacob exchanged their vows across the street from this beautiful camp on a stretch of beach right along the water. Standing on a beach that was mostly lined in white seashells, their family surrounded them as they became man and wife. We had the most beautiful views ALL DAY! Other than the INCREDIBLE princess dress that Lauren wore, which was also named the Lauren, one of my favorite parts of the whole day was witnessing all the emotion that came over Jacob as he saw his bride for the first time during their precious first look. – Also the succulent bouquet!! Like WHAT?! And the little hints of “You’re my lobster” from FRIENDS had me from the start. I’m just obsessed with this entire wedding in Seabeck, Washington!

Smaller can still be amazing!

We have also been discovering that even though you may have a smaller, more intimate wedding, it actually equals SO MUCH more portrait time! This was probably the MOST bride and groom portraits I’ve ever delivered for a wedding day! There really are positives during this season, we just have to look for them!

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