Zach + Weslie’s engagement session in Colorado

February 15, 2020

Visiting Colorado has been a dream of mine for a while now so I was ecstatic when the opportunity presented itself to do an engagement session there! In my wildest dreams I could never anticipate the beauty I would witness first-hand on this trip. From the stunning mountain landscape to the incredible Colorado sky I keep hearing about in country songs, to the love that these two perfect humans have for each other, I have never had my breath taken away so many times in one day. It’s a wonder I didn’t pass out!! Haha!

How we met

Weslie contacted me after receiving my wedding brochure at one of my favorite venues, Aurora Colony Vineyards, when she was there booking with them. At the time they were living here and we booked a meeting. I knew right when we first met when Weslie and I showed up with the same purse that this was my girl! We clicked so well. She told me all about their exciting jobs as a private investigator and electrical engineer. Weslie also explained that they were trying to get all of their big wedding decisions done as soon as possible. Zach’s job was going to take them out of state for about 6 months of their engagement before the big day this coming September. When she told me they would be living in Colorado I just melted on the inside! I have always dreamed of taking epic mountain top images! Well one thing led to another and we decided that I would fly out with my asisstant, Tiffany, and meet them in Colorado for their engagement session!

The Engagement Session

I could seriously write poems about the Colorado sky and I can still see it in my dreams! Tiffany and I arrived in Denver on a Friday evening and Zach and Weslie sweetly drove 45 minutes to pick us up at the airport. Smash Burger was calling our name on the way to the hotel and let me tell you, what a burger! For all you PNW people, it’s like 5 guys mixed with Nancy’s but BETTER if you can believe that lol. Early afternoon the next day after getting our chapstick and tons of water, we were ready to go! Not being used to the altitude and climate there we were advised to use lots of chapstick and drink tons of water.

3 Locations!

Wanting to use the most of our time there, we crammed in 3 locations and 3 outfits in one day! The weather in Colorado could not have been better for us that weekend  either as it was the nicest weather weekend they had seen in over a month. Though we actually wanted to start at Flat Irons Vistas, we had to change course because it felt like a tornado outside! Wind picked up big time and we almost couldn’t even open our doors to get out! So we drove back into town and began at Boulder University and the famous arched bridge. This was a gorgeous location and I can see why it’s popularly used for photos!

Of course before headed to location #2 we had to stop for a snack at Taco Bell! Then off to Red Rock at Settler’s park where we climbed a bit up the moutain side. Each location had me swooning more than the last. I just loved the way Zach and Weslie laughed and snuggled together. They were nothing but sweet smiles and giggles all day.

Downing some dramamine before driving up a narrow winding road to the gorgeous Lost Gulch Lookout was necessary. I think that drive up the mountain side with all the switchbacks made us sicker than the turbulence on the airplane! Haha. But oh was that view worth it! The wind had really picked up at this location and being close to sunset it got chilly quick!! So, needless to say we made it through this location pretty fast. This incredible view was astounding! I wanted to stand there forever, assuming I would be able to withstand the cold, but it just took my breath away!

On the way back down the mountain we found another gorgeous lookout spot that overlooked the entire city! Of course we had to stop for a few minutes. The view stretched on what felt like forever. This spot had the most beautiful light that really complimented Zach and Weslie’s outfits. It felt like I was transported overseas to another romantic country watching them dance on top of the city.

This day ended with the most epic sunset as we waited for them to come back to the hotel to pick us up for dinner after a quick outfit change. A masterpiece in the sky it literally looked like someone took a paint brush to the clouds! I could say so much more about this trip. It was too quick but one of the most epic engagement sessions I’ve ever had the honor of shooting. Zach and Weslie were the sweetest and most fun couple to conquer this day with! I can’t thank them enough for this incredible experience and I am soooo excited for their wedding day!


Location #1: Boulder University

Location #2: Red Rock at Settler’s Park
Location #3: Lost Gulch Lookout
  1. Josefin says:

    Beautiful pictures! I love the soft lights and colours!

  2. Michaila says:

    Beautiful! I’ve yet to shoot an engagement session at more than one location!

    • Joni Loraine says:

      It was a long day but soooo worth it! I wanted to see as much as I could in one day and it was incredible! Luckily the locations weren’t super far apart and we mapped everything out ahead of time so that made it easy.

  3. So beautiful! Now I want to visit Colorado!!

  4. Beautiful job!! Love that last location❤️ Excited to see the BTS post!


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