Why you should love your photographer...

On your wedding day you will be spending about 85-90% of your entire day with your photographer by your side. They will be guiding you through every step of the day! You want someone there you trust, who is organized, and who you can have fun with!

When you love your photographer and get along with them really well you can let your guard down around them. You can crack silly jokes and laugh and have fun! In doing so, you end up with not only amazing and genuine photos, but you'll have an even better experience!

When you've taken the time to get to know the person photographing you, they will know and understand your specific needs and wants. They will know the best way to capture you and bring out your best smiles, laughs, and natural emotions. Plus who doesn't love making new friends?!

Best Bridal Details of 2023

December 27, 2023

There’s nothing I love more than starting a wedding day getting creatively warmed up with bridal details! This past year did not disappoint and has some of my favorite bridal detail photos to date!! My brides pulled out all the stops with their details and it was incredible! If you’re getting married here are a few tips for getting some gorgeous bridal detail photos.

Bridal Detail Tips!

  1. Start collecting your items early – Put together your bridal detail items well ahead of time. This allows you to add things as you go and nothing gets left out! You can add in things that are special, unique, or sentimental as well. A piece of jewelry from a grandparent. A special gift from someone. A vintage handkerchief.
  2. Have everything in one place – Collect all your items in a box or a bag to ensure that everything stays together. A day or two before the wedding look it all over and make sure it’s ready to go. This way you don’t have to scramble the morning of when I arrive to gather everything for me. It’s all ready to go and you don’t have to halt hair and make up to grab it all. I can come in and get right to work!
  3. Add in extra florals – This one makes a HUGE difference in the overall look of your bridal detail photos! Asking your florist if they have any extra floral pieces or greenery and to have them set aside for detail photos is a fantastic idea! A lot of the florists I work with will do this and having those truly elevates your photos. It’s adds a layer of color, softness, and elegance. It also ties into all of your other images throughout the day with your wedding colors. It can take them from pretty to WOW! Also make sure that you’ll be able to have your bridal bouquet on site when I arrive to ensure we can get some beautiful photos of it during detail shots. You likely spent quite a bit on your bouquet, we want to get some great images of it!

Bridal Detail Inspiration List

Here’s a sample inspiration list of items I send to all my brides in a reminder email before the big day:

  • Dress
  • Invitation suite with envelope (two if there’s a backside to the invite)
  • All 3 rings (including the groom’s)
  • Shoes
  • Veil
  • Hair pieces
  • Earrings, necklace, any other jewelry
  • Perfume bottle
  • Vow books
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Any other sentimental item (handkerchiefs, garter, etc.)

Groom’s Details

Don’t forget the groom’s details! These are great to have with the bridal details if getting ready is taking place at the same location. His details are just as important! Groom’s details:

  • Shoes
  • Tie or bowtie
  • Cufflinks
  • Cologne bottle
  • Watch
  • Boutonniere
  • Flask or celebratory bottle of alcohol

I can’t wait for this coming year and all of the gorgeous details yet to come!

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