Why you should love your photographer...

On your wedding day you will be spending about 85-90% of your entire day with your photographer by your side. They will be guiding you through every step of the day! You want someone there you trust, who is organized, and who you can have fun with!

When you love your photographer and get along with them really well you can let your guard down around them. You can crack silly jokes and laugh and have fun! In doing so, you end up with not only amazing and genuine photos, but you'll have an even better experience!

When you've taken the time to get to know the person photographing you, they will know and understand your specific needs and wants. They will know the best way to capture you and bring out your best smiles, laughs, and natural emotions. Plus who doesn't love making new friends?!

A Maternity Session at the Columbia River Gorge

December 13, 2023

Welcoming back a familiar face is always a joy! Especially when it’s for such a special occasion as a maternity session. I had the pleasure of reuniting with a dear friend and repeat client along the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge for her maternity session. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its warm hues across the landscape, we embarked on a journey to capture this beautiful chapter in her life.

The Columbia River Gorge

I’ve been blessed to know Christine as we grew up in Silverton together. But even more blessed that I’ve been able to document precious moments for her and her family since their daughter Scarlett’s first birthday! The Columbia River Gorge, with its majestic cliffs provided the perfect backdrop for this maternity session. And Christine’s incredible flowing red dress popped against the soft, romantic background. This atmosphere seemed to whisper tales of anticipation and new beginnings.

The golden hour bestowed its magic upon us as we began this maternity session. The soft, warm light danced upon the Columbia River, casting a dreamy glow on this sweet family. Every photograph captured the essence of the moment. From the gentle caress of the wind on Christine’s hair. To the serene expression that radiated maternal bliss. To Scarlett’s sweet kisses to the new baby on mom’s belly.

Repeat Clients are the Best!

One of the advantages of working with a repeat client is the established relationship and comfort level they have with me. This familiarity allowed for a more relaxed and natural session, resulting in authentic and emotive photos.

This maternity session radiated a glow of motherhood. The Gorge not only provided a stunning backdrop but had also witnessed the creation of timeless memories. It’s always a privilege to be part of such intimate moments, and I look forward to capturing more chapters in this family’s beautiful journey.

Love the Columbia River Gorge? You’ll love the Kent Family session here! https://joniloraine.me/2023/12/13/a-stunning-family-along-the-columbia-river-gorge/


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