I absolutely love our city! I am so blessed to live in such a gorgeous place and there are so many amazing spots for senior portraits right around where we live. This season is just my favorite with all these amazing colors and neat backgrounds we stumbled upon. This guy totally rocked his senior session and I had a complete blast with them. I may have laughed even harder with him and his mom than I did with his sister during her senior portraits last year. I have been blessed to keep this tradition going for this family and they are so much fun to hang out with! Even when we decided to climb over a wall and down a muddy bank, got my shoes soaked crossing the river to get some of these shots and finished it off with Zac giving his mom a piggy back ride back over the water (which was hilarious!). Never a dull moment! I always say if I don’t leave a session covered in a little dirt or water it wasn’t very adventurous!┬áMy favorite line from his mom, Aimee, as we are both making sure to pull out his genuine smiles and laughter, “Don’t give me that Kool-Aid smile! Smile for real!” Haha!

I just absolutely adore them and can’t believe yet another one is already into their senior year of high school! Congrats, Zac!

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