Tami + Brian

Is there anything more precious than becoming a mother for the first time? The excitement, the joy, the anticipation, the emotion that comes over you? There is literally nothing like it in the world. And this stunning beauty is about to become a mother to a sweet baby girl!

We were incredibly lucky to have a day so perfect for this adorably cute couple. It’s rare that in the middle of January in Oregon you get a bright day filled with sunshine and be able to walk around without and jacket and not completely freeze to death. It was only slightly cool as we walked the long scenic path of Basket Slough National Wildlife Refuge in Dallas, Oregon. You could hear the cawing of the various birds all around this vast, open area. Mount Hood was in full view far in the distance behind the rolling hills of the landscape. It was a sight to behold and almost as gorgeous as Tami’s flowing baby pink dress that perfectly showed off her baby bump!

I am so excited for them and this next phase of their lives! I just know these two will make amazing parents simply by how much love they already show her before she has even entered the world and by how much love they have for each other. What a blessed little family!

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