It began a foggy, moody, and mystical morning in the densely wooded park up at Silver Falls but there was so much color and beauty that unfolded before us! There was a strong chill in the air as the fog hung thick but these two ADORABLE people came with smiles and excitement from the get-go!

I absolutely loved that we got to begin part of their session with their two cute pooches! They were so full of energy running around the park while their beloved owners tried to get them to sit still for a couple shots.

Not only is this park incredibly lush and gorgeous, it was so beautifully peaceful and quiet so early in the morning as we began with the place almost all to ourselves. We hiked along the trails, stopping occasionally to capture the incredible scenery as the fall colors were popping. But what was popping even more was this couple! They were so lovey for each other I couldn’t help but gush behind my camera as he made her laugh so effortlessly. The stunning waterfalls that cascaded down behind them paled in comparison to the warmth and love between them. This was a session to remember! I am STOKED for their wedding day!

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