I just want to express to you how much this day holds my heart. There was so many things about this day, this session, this sunrise, and THIS GIRL, that fills my soul to overflowing!

The Session

We wanted an adventure. We wanted to find beauty and we wanted to apparently challenge my physical limitations! Haha. We began our day at 4:30am driving to this gorgeous mountain of Mary’s Peak in Philomath. We arrived while it was still pitch black outside. We used our flashlight apps on our phones to find our way in the dark and hiked all the way to the top, secretly hoping we didn’t get attacked by any animals hiding in the woods.

Once we reached the top we had just enough time to breathe in the fresh, crisp air and prepare to witness and shoot with the gorgeous sunrise light. There is literally nothing like watching a sunrise come over the mountains. It renews your soul and fills you with hope.

My Favorite Part!

Caitlin informed me that she’s always struggled with getting her photo taken. She was self-conscious and didn’t feel beautiful in them. Let me tell you, this girl has so much more than outer beauty. She is radiant from the inside out and as soon as we started shooting and laughing and playing, she broke out of her shell and I could see that she was really having fun! Something she said she doesn’t do while getting her photo taken.

The best moment was getting to watch her reaction when she saw these for the first time. She had literal tears in her eyes and said that not only did she LOVE the photos, but she for the first time actually felt beautiful in her own eyes. This is what I strive for with every person and couple I shoot with. I want to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, capturing real, genuine images that show who you really are. Anyone can take an attractive photo, but it’s how you make the person feel while doing it that causes them to fall in love with it and feel more confident in themselves.

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