Holy cow, what an incredible day this was! As I spent time preparing for this couple’s session, I had not prepared myself enough for the INCREDIBLE view and scenery I was about to take in. I just stood there in awe of it all before we started our hike around the gorge, just soaking it all in. It ended up being a perfect day – sunny, just warm enough to only need a light jacket, and there wasn’t much fog or too many clouds around the mountains so they were clear, snowcapped and right in your face. I LOVE a great mountain view that feels like it’s right in your face! Not only was this view STUNNING, so was the amazing couple I got to work with. Ashley and Jared are such a sweet, fun couple and this session was also a way for them to enjoy a little break for just themselves away from their two adorable little boys. This was their first photo shoot with just the two of them since their wedding about 8 years ago.

As they played, laughed, embraced, and hiked along the gorge with me, it was like they were dating all over again. You can just see how much they love each other, how he held her hand as she looked at him with her GORGEOUSLY stunning blue eyes – and no, those aren’t colored contacts because I asked. They have a very special relationship filled of love, support and fun as they raise their two boys together and take care of their chickens, horses and other pets on their land at their home in Silverton, Oregon. This down to earth couple made this session a breeze as I just got engage with them, laugh with them, and allow them to reconnect while I got to capture it all.

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