This was an epic day. One of the best feelings for me is waking up in the morning and knowing that a big adventure lies ahead. This was one of those days. Totally epic! It was long and exhausting and I exercised more muscles in my legs than I knew I had, but it was INCREDIBLE! We drove through hours of snow to get to Smith Rock in Terrebonne just outside of Redmond, OR. I had visited Bend and Sisters before but this was my first visit here and I was floored at the beauty of this place, even from the minute I saw it coming into view. Towering above us were huge, rugged mountains with dustings of snow here and there and a beautiful river that flowed through the middle around the base. We couldn’t have asked for a better weather at that moment. We lucked out with a break in the rain/snow just for the time we were there. The minute we began our trek back down the mountain snow and wind began to really come down.

This couple was just the absolute sweetest and the most fun, seriously had me laughing so hard. Being the outdoorsy and adventurous couple they are made them perfect to hike up this steep mountain with. I definitely need to do some more working out during my week! That hike up was no joke! But they took it no problem, so easy going – my idea of a perfect client! Easy going, fun and up for an adventure. Not only was I speechless from the gorgeous view but their love for each other and the way they could make each other laugh was something to behold. It’s sessions like this that make me hungry for more travel and adventure!

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