Magical! If I had to give one word to describe my time spent with this girl in this location, that’s what I would would call it, just magical. Even in 30 degree snowy weather I just LOVE to go frolic and play around in the forest. The Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, Oregon is the perfect foresty place to do just that. It was very chilly, but the air was so fresh and snow covered much of the ground, making it feel like a wintery wonderland fairytale. The green moss-covered trees popped against the white snow and it was the perfect epitome of everything I love about living in the Pacific Northwest.

This girl right here made it all the more fun! She is an amazing combination of serious and silly, goofy and gorgeous. She has such an outgoing personality while still remaining shy when she wants to. She is deep and so very much her own person, not caring what others think – choosing friends who love her for her, which is such an inspiration to see from an almost teenager. I have no doubt this girl will do some amazing things in her life. Keep being you baby girl!

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